Mr. Gaiman Tells His Story

Sit down children, we’re going to hear a story from a very special teller. He’s come from another universe – one filled with gods, parents with buttons for eyes and a wild haired man claiming to be Dream – to play in ours. He’s got secrets to share, heads to spin and all manner of delightful things.

For Mr. Neil Gaiman is going to tell us all: how he created The Doctor’s Wife.

It starts with a tale of two gentleman, one, a Mr Moffat, about to take on the mantle of Doctor Who boss (but keeping it to himself) and another, our Mr Gaiman, meeting each other with secrets that both want to share but don’t want to spoil:

“Which meant that when we got together for dinner, he admitted what we both knew, which was that neither of us was allowed to say. So he said that he would be taking over when Russell (T Davies) left, and I got to say I want to write an episode for you!”

But all those words needed an engine, a catalyst to make both men proud and Mr Gaiman, being a canny fellow, knew to look no futher than the past:

“This one fed off stuff I’ve been thinking about since I was kid. And doing [some of] that wouldn’t make a good episode, or it would make a good episode, but it wouldn’t throw enough of a weird spanner into things.

There’s stuff where the mystery drives the engine. And the problem with the stuff where the mystery drives the engine sometimes is that every fannish impulse is immediately to go woah, what we want to know is X, Y and Z. So why not do a story with X, Y and Z in? And for me I actually got to do one of those. My episode really is one of those ones where it actually does give you more of stuff than you’ve ever asked, or sometimes wondered.”

But events conspired and the episode was shifted along by the mundanity of money, only to be revived later on, when pockets weren’t so heavily guarded:

“So then they’re saying okay, the bad news is you’re bounced, the good news is we’re going to make you first while we haven’t run out of money. And, we’re going to give you money by basically taking other episodes out by the bike sheds, beating them up and taking their pocket money!”

Not all concern was for finance, as there was a greater story to tell, so Mr Gaiman set about his episode with clean pair of scissors and a new mandate: everybody’s happy!

“Suddenly I’m episode three or four of the new series, and we’re starting the series. So we’re very upbeat, and we needed to change the minor key of the end of the last one…And for that matter, she’s no longer missing an engagement ring and a Rory from her life, and slightly out of things, and worried, and missing this thing in her head.

It’s now her and Rory, so I had to reshape all of the things that happened in the last half of the adventure, when they’re inside the TARDIS and stuff is happening. It’s now no longer one person. It’s now two of them.”

But there’s more to hear and all of it worthy – head to Den of Geek to learn more!


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