Over the Moon?

The reviews are in and the theme this week is questions, questions, questions and lots of speculation.

Day of the Moon has spread a collective ‘hmm’ across the Internet so powerful that if you hang your head out of the window, you can hear the sound of a thousand beards being thoughtfully scratched – not unlike the Doctor’s own hobo-at-a-bus-shelter face fuzz.

Bleeding Cool have collected ten pressing matters on the episode with the most interesting being the on again, off again pregnancy of one Amelia Pond or as they succinctly call it “Schrodinger’s Foetus” after Erwin Schrodinger’s thought experiment on the impracticality of  Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics using a (metaphotical) cat, a box and some posion.

The theory goes, after being filtered through my idiot box, is that the cat  in the box with its fate to be decided by an outside element that’ll trigger the poison inside is simultanously alive and dead based on the Copenhagen interpretation, while when you peer in the box the cat could only be alive or dead.

Its an interesting thought on pregnancy and time travel, as well as an omniprescent reminder that the Doctor and Amy’s fates are not set in stone:

“Is this what happens when you are pregnant and time travel? The likelihood of your pregnancy flips back and forth, affected by the viewing or non-viewing of it? Is this why we see an Amy who thinks she;s pregnant then thinks she isn’t, at one minute vomiting from morning sickness, are others happy to take a drink? Is it a quantum pregnancy? Are there two timelines here? Is that how they’ll save the Doctor in two hundred years?

Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Whimmy.

Echoing their review of The Impossible Astronaut SFX were again left frustrated by questions/answers defecit but on the whole loved the epic quality of the episode:

Day Of The Moon is huge fun, effortlessly entertaining, beguilingly bat’s-arse  and blessed with a cliffhanger so jawdroppingly unexpected it’s bound to keep viewers hooked. All of which helps smooth over the fact that it also feels just slightly too disjointed, inconclusive and open-ended.”

In and amongst the much deserved praise for the episode there are some quarters who have applied the most purple of prose to Moffats obvious talent – ScreenRant being one of them – who’ve called Moffat’s use of the palm recorder: “one of most successful emotional triggers ever seen in the medium of television.”

High praise indeed. And it doesn’t stop there:

“The ability to put so much power in a simple element takes the talents of truly great writer. Even though Moffat has clearly proven this with his past writings, this episode was a sign that there’s much more to Moffat than perplexing mysteries of time and space, or terrifying tales of the world’s overlooked aspects.”

It might be a little too early to begin praising this moment, with so much at stake yet to unfold, as the greatest bit of telly ever seen but there’s no denying that Moffat is currently opperating at the peak of his Who writing powers.

Something that is reflected in Big Shiny Robot’s review:

“I thought it set up some amazing things for the season and if done right this could be one of those seasons that people will be talking about for years. I think it could possibly end up with as good an ending as season 3′s Last of the Time Lords. Maybe I’m just overly optimistic but I’m really happy with this episode and with what possibly could be coming up.”

Meanwhile, Meredith Burdett found his own selection of interesting Day of the Moon reviews…

Doctor Who: Day of the MoonSo we’ve had a nice couple of sunny days to digest Day of the Moon and now we can start looking at the various opinions and thoughts that have come about from various reviewers.

The Shropshire Star found things a bit on the confusing side as they watched the episode:

“I didn’t understand it. I mean, last week’s episode ended with a big cliffhanger where the Doctor and loyal companion Amy Pond were facing The Impossible Astronaut – you know, the weird child in a space suit creature thingy who shot and killed The Doctor at the beginning of the show – and Amy fired her gun. This week started three months later with Amy running through Monument Valley before being apparently killed by FBI agent Canton Delaware.”

However, as twisty turney as Day of the Moon was it still received mainly positive appraisal from many sources including BlogCritics.com TV reviewer Scott Varnham:

“Day Of The Moon” is a great episode in my eyes, with several moments that make you appreciate the genius of The Moff’s writing (the moment when the Doctor’s perfect prison is finally complete is a particular cracker in my eyes). It’s funny and very dark, and sets up much of the season to come.”

The Guardian review of the episode was all in favour of the conclusion to two parter with only a few minor criticisms:

“You might also question whether – when you already have the President on your side – faking imprisonment in Area 51 and sending your friends on the run for three months while the rogue FBI operative builds you a soundproof base made of Zero Balance Dwarfstar Alloy might be a touch over-precautious.”

The online review also picked out one of its favourite moments from Day of the Moon remarking that:

“A properly disturbing horror sequence as Amy and Canton visit the abandoned children’s home, riffing magnificently off Batman’s Arkham Asylum. Doomed daubings all over the walls, a warden with a melted brain, and the sudden emergence of a whole load of tally markings all over Amy’s face. Shudder.”

Finally, Digital Spy was largely happy with the conclusion to the epic story:

“Once again though, you’d be hard-pressed to fault the Who team’s ambition, and this latest episode is every bit as moving, shocking and, with a few more of those lovely Utah scenes, just as visually stunning as the series premiere… We all know that Steven Moffat loves to play with time, but now he’s playing with structure as well, picking up the story three months later before flashing back to resolve the episode one cliffhanger.”

Reviews have been largely positive for Day of the Moon, although some people seem to be disappointed by the huge number of questions that have been raised and not answered.

Don’t worry, all the answers will be coming soon (we hope)!


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