Ratings Crash? What Ratings Crash?

As expected by Doctor Who fans and people who don’t believe everything they read in the newspapers, The Impossible Astronaut‘s final audience figures have been released by BARB – and they have a nice ring to them!

The initial overnight figures (7.4 million) have been massively enhanced by people watching recordings within the first week (note that this does not include BBC iPlayer) and as many suspected, the Doctor Who watching public are tech savvy enough to manage Sky+ or whatever delayed viewing method they are using to push The Impossible Astronaut up to a Bank Holiday-breaking 8.86 million viewers.

In case you’re interested, that is a hefty 43.3% of the viewing audience.

Previous series have had similar figures: New Earth managed 8.6 million, Smith And Jones 8.7m and Partners In Crime 9.1 million, so things are going pretty much as per normal. Whatever you might think of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, he currently seems just as popular as his predecessor David Tennant.

You can all move along now – there is nothing to see here except the most imaginative and daring series of Doctor Who yet…


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