Rory and the Cliffhanger

A short-but-sweet interview with Rory actor Arthur Darvill appeared over at What’s on TV earlier this week, with a few interesting tidbits regarding the evolution of Mr. Pond’s character throughout this series and particularly tonight’s episode, The Almost People.

The discussion touches on the fact that Rory feels more at-home in the TARDIS this year, a “proper companion” as What’s on TV describes him, while Arthur adds that his character’s relationship with the Doctor has vastly improved since last year’s stag-crashing incident…

“[Rory’s] nursing skills have definitely come into play this time around. The Doctor finds him more useful now. Their relationship is growing and it’s a very complicated relationship, but they are getting quite close. They’re now good friends and can tell each other what they think, rather than Rory kind of shying away from that.”

By the sound of things, Rory and the Doctor are going to need all the communication they can get, because as we’ve been told all week, a huge bombshell is going to be dropped tonight.

Right I’m going to be very diplomatic about this. There are really things that up the stakes about how much danger they’re in, affecting each other, and how much danger the Doctor is putting Amy in. But Rory feels a responsibility to keep everyone safe. There’s the ending to end all endings in this episode. I’m not saying exactly what it is, but it’s a biggie! Saying that, there’s a terrific cliffhanger in the next story, in episode seven. You won’t want to miss that either.

The way Arthur’s speaking, it sounds like Rory might have quite an important role to play in tonight’s final moments. Could this be just like the first time Rory was involved in a huge cliffhanger? Will he die (again) trying to save Amy/the Doctor/Jennifer? Is The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People destined to be this year’s The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood?

We’ll just have to wait for the episode to air at 6:45 PM on BBC One to find out!

Patrick Riley


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