Sherlock and the Doctor in Middle Earth

In the category of ‘as-far-away-from-Doctor-Who-but-still-considered-relevant-news’ another major name has been released for The Hobbit – a Steven Moffat friendly name: Benedict Cumberbatch.

The star of the popular show Sherlock, and one time roommate of Matt Smith, had his involvement in The Lords of the Rings prequel project released by co-star Martin Freeman.

“I knew I was a big mouth, I didn’t know how much of a big mouth, and I’ve ruined everything. And now I might not have a job to go back to!”

The appearance of Cumberbatch was obviously suppose to remain a secret and because of such we have no idea of what his role will be in the film.  Some sources, like /Film, suspect that the detective will be playing Bard the Bowman, one of the few major roles left uncast.

With Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy and Death Comes to Time‘s Stephen Fry also cast, The Hobbit is looking like a home from home for many familiar and popular actors. What this might mean for a third series of Sherlock, however, remains to be seen, as The Hobbit is a two-part movie with considerable location shooting in New Zealand…


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