The Doctor’s Wife Teasers!

Different websites around the web have been throwing teasers for The Doctor’s Wife out left, right and centre over the past few days, ironic, given the perceived sensitivity of the episode and the comments made by Steven Moffat this week on the matter of spoilers…

Via the efforts of SFX and Digital Spy we’ve picked the best of their teasers – which are different from spoilers as they give nothing away – and listed them for your pleasure…

  • The Doctor doesn’t always get where he wants to go, but he always ends up where he needs to be.
  • We possibly hear something first heard in Logopolis.
  • We learn exactly how long the Doctor has been travelling in time and space.
  • The episode has a kind of Utopia vibe.
  • Idris has a very important message for the Doctor.
  • Someone asks a question of the Doctor that’s never been asked before.
  • Amy is the “orangey girl” and Rory is the “pretty one”.
  • He’s done it AGAIN! Sort of.

That’s your lot! If you want any real hints, you can wait until this evening and watch the episode; in the meantime, writer Neil Gaiman has a short precis of The Doctor’s Wife

The Doctor’s Wife airs in the UK on BBC One at 6.30 pm and in the USA at 9/8 c on BBC America tonight!


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