Torchwood: Clash of the Nations

Torchwood: Miracle Day is putting ‘The Special Relationship’ between the UK and the States through the wringer according to show creator Russell T. Davies, who has said he wrote the show to ‘clash.’

Speaking to SFX Davies said the show, a co-production between the US based Starz Network and the non-more British BBC, was pitched to have the new members of the cross Atlantic co-stars, particularly the swaggering blokey CIA man mountain, Rex Matheson, clashing like Kraft and Cheddar.

“Rex [Matheson] (Mekhi Phifer) is the most swaggering, confident, brilliant American, and Gwen [Cooper] (Eve Myles)  is not a shrinking violet. Put those two together and it’s just combustible!”

The former Commander in Chief of Doctor Who was initially concerned that the move to the US would be too jarring for audiences after three seasons of Cardiff based tomfoolery:

“I did wonder about that. Is it gonna look strange when the rushes come in, is it gonna be this weird combination?’

Fans need not worry that the shift to the States will have changed there beloved show. Despite all the excitement of a trip abroad the show will still be as Torchwood as standing on a high ledge and looking moody:

“It’s literally the same show, but [it] transplants itself to America. It’s absolutely based on the story, so we haven’t had to relaunch it.”

Though you can bet your bottom dolar/pound on there being a few ‘meet and greet’ scenes for Captain Jack (John Barrowman) and Gwen when the show airs in the US on the 8th July on the Starz network.

However there has been no official air date for the UK from the BBC for the so far.


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