What To Expect in The Almost People

Scares, basically. And a surprise so big you could wrap your aunty in it.

To be truthful, we don’t know as like many other Doctor Who sites we’ve been unable to get our hands on a preview copy, so you won’t get to appreciate the stirling work that James Whittington puts into avoiding mention of any plot elements each week in his excellent previews.

However, certain other sites have been able to get previews of The Almost People, the concluding part of the story that began with The Rebel Flesh. In particular, we suggest you pay attention to SFX, who in their position as major site of note got to spend a bit of time watching the preview and then being as cryptic as possible. We’ve pulled out some of their more accessible hints below, with some speculation on our part.

The last couple of  minutes are riveting – this probably ties in with some rumours we’ve heard concerning the episode and the reason for keeping the preview discs under-wraps. Something to do with Amy’s pregnancy, perhaps?

The Doctor has a great John Culshaw moment – judging by the clips that have already been aired from The Almost People, this could refer to Matt Smith getting the chance to interact with himself a la John Culshaw’s famous interview with Tom Baker, which featured John Culshaw in character as the Doctor. Either that, or Smith attempts an impression of Tony Blair/Dale Winton or Don’t Get Mad Get Dom/Ross Kemp.

Rory makes a mistake – we hope this means that he doesn’t die.

Amy voices something that may have been on the viewers’ minds if they’ve been following the series – could the purpose of Madame Kovarian (Frances Barber) finally be unveiled? Or could Amy spill the beans about the Doctor, or question how Team TARDIS escaped the Silence?

By the end of the episode you be left trying to work out when something that clearly happened actually happened – interesting… timey-wimey and fascinating! Again, could the Silence be a part of all of this?

We don’t know, but we’ll find out when The Almost People airs on Saturday evening from 6.45 pm on BBC One and BBC HD; and if you’re outside of the UK, steer clear for a week – don’t spoil yourselves!


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