Who Moons the Press!

The delayed viewing figures are in for Day of the Moon, and they only continue to confirm the Kasterborous argument that, contrary to what a dozen or so tabloids might say, the overnights aren’t everything.

With the DVR numbers and people who caught the BBC Three repeat factored in, final ratings for Part Two of the series premiere attracted almost two million additional views, jumping from a “measly” 5.4 million to a much prettier 7.3 million.  This means that the million-plus viewers that were “lost” between The Impossible Astronaut‘s overnights of 6.5 million and Day of the Moon‘s 5.4 have been found again, and might we add, essentially doubled.

Just a reminder of what hasn’t been factored in: iPlayer hits within the first week, which would, if they counted, tack on another 1.2 million to pull the number up to 8.5 million, as well as iTunes or Amazon downloads, the likely couple million viewers watching around the world on their respective networks, and the always-huge number of illegal file-sharing users out there.  The true quantity of people around the world watching within the first week could very easily eclipse 10 million.

But of course, it’s the people in the UK who watch the old-fashioned way who get counted, and therefore the permanent statistic is 7.3 million, with a 36.7% audience share.  This number is still considerably smaller than The Impossible Astronaut‘s final rating of 8.86 million, but then again, series premieres of Doctor Who often tend to have more people watching than their Episodes 2-13 counterparts.

If you want to keep the figures looking good, don’t miss this Saturday’s The Doctor’s Wife by Neil Gaiman at 6:40 PM on BBC One.  You won’t contribute to the same ratings if you’re watching the episode at 9/8c on BBC America or 8/7c on Space, but if you live in the US or Canada, watch anyway!

Patrick Riley


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