Will YOU Draw the Ghost Train?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the post most of you have been waiting for, where we announce the latest Kasterborous competition. You might call it “K’s Got Talent”, but of course the idea is that as things stand, we don’t have enough of it.

That’s where you come in. We’re looking for a never-before-published artist to take the reins on a new comic strip that we have developed which will feature here on Kasterborous on completion. It won’t be easy, it will involve hard work, but we hope that you will find it a great experience.

So why should you enter?

First of all, there’s the glory factor – your work will appear on Kasterborous for posterity, your take on the Eleventh Doctor and his companion there for the world to see as it tells an original new tale.

Secondly, Kasterborous seems to have a good record with artists. Our designer Anthony Dry has contributed various illustrations to the Doctor Who boxset DVDs over the past few years, while the winner of our first competition to illustrate Time Leech, Justin Abbot, has gone onto a career in TV and video production as a storyboarder. Meanwhile Rick Lundeen, who stepped into the breach for the final installment of Time Leech, is a writer and illustrator in his own right.

Back in 2009, we launched the Time Leech competition following a suggestion from former DWM editor John Freeman, and the resulting strip ended up bproving hugely successful, and we had a remarkable selection of images and illustrations sent in. It took some time to whittle these down to the finalists, and we’re hoping for a similarly passionate response this time around.

If successful, you will be illustrating Ghost Train, an original tale by the Kasterborous team which features the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. Set before the Industrial Revolution, Ghost Train sees the world turned on its head as a powerful alchemist sets himself up as a time-spanning emperor!

More on that later, however. In the meantime, we want your entries!

The competition is going to work in three phases:

  • Initial submission – a sample of your work, Doctor Who related or otherwise. If we like it, we will ask you to illustrate a…
  • Single page from the script – and if this is what we’re looking for, you will be invited to illustrate the…
  • Final strip!

Meanwhile, the judging team consists of myself (Christian Cawley), Brian A. Terranova, Anthony Dry, Gareth Kavanagh and one other, yet-to-be-announced-but-pretty-impressive name.

If you’re interested in how things went last time, take a look at the Time Leech page, although note that you should download a copy to read later as the strip will shortly be removed (for reasons that will become apparent in the next few weeks).

One word of note: due to copyright reasons, there is no financial reward involved for this project. The prize is the chance to illustrate a comic strip, add it to your portfolio, and have your work showcased here on Kasterborous!

Send your entries to comics@kasterborous.com – we look forward to hearing from you!


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