Beware Spoiler Scams!

Always cashing in on the offer of hope only to snatch it away and make you look stupid, online scammers are at work right now with Doctor Who fans as their target.

The carrot? The promise of a leaked version of A Good Man Goes to War on YouTube.

The stick? A claim that the episode is too long for the popular video hosting service, a link to where you CAN watch it and then a beating around the head with an online survey – with, of course, no video at the end of it.

But the promise of the video and the sharing of information via the survey has been enough to fool various Doctor Who fans. Yesterday we spotted at least 12 instances of this so called offer on YouTube, but by following it up all you’re doing is sharing your personal and private data to people who will at best sell it on, and at worst use it to defraud you or a financial institution.

One such YouTube user committing this scam is “SpenceTamr” – steer clear of this and similar listings!

With just a day left until A Good Man Goes to War, we hope that no one else is caught out (comments are blocked on these YouTube entries to prevent warnings) however, a quick browse of the web reveals that a couple of news sites have picked up on this.

Our advice, and that of Kasterborous editor Christian Cawley (himself an expert in matters of online security) is to switch off your PC, close your browser and just do something else until 6.40 pm  on Saturday night. Most of all, stay safe online, whatever it is you’re doing.



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