Danes is “neither sympathetic or unsympathetic”

Torchwood actors are understandably getting a lot of attention right now, but curiously the majority of the focus seems to be on the returning cast; you don’t see many of the newbies like Mekhi Phifer being mentioned much by the press, though it could be because nobody knows how to spell his name.

However, there is an exception to this no-new-guys-being-interviewed conundrum, and his name is Bill Pullman.

A versatile and well-known actor who’s been in everything from Sleepless in Seattle to Independence Day, it’s no surprise that Pullman’s attracting a large chunk of the spotlight, even if he is playing a child-murdering pedophile named Oswald Danes.  When AfterElton asked him if he ever felt obliged at all to try to make the audience feel sorry for such a generally-despised character type, the performer had this to say:

“…it’s neither sympathetic or unsympathetic, I guess in terms of – there’s no need to present him in any kind of false light.  He’s not necessarily a likable man, in that he’s been ostracized, he’s got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, because he’s assuming that everyone wants him dead, which is the irony of it all.  But he’s got great perspective, and he’s kind of clever – he’s been operating very successfully online for a very long period of time, so he’s got some skills that the others don’t.”

In other words, he’s telling you to watch the show and decide for yourself if you find an Internet child stalker who happened to survive a death sentence to be rather warm and lovable.

On a completely-unrelated-except-for-the-fact-that-it-has-to-do-with-Bill-Pullman-and-Torchwood note (Me? Addicted to hyphens? You must be joking!), it seems that everyone’s favorite grownup-flavored Doctor Who spinoff has quite the following over at NASA, and yes, it’s the same NASA that the Doctor himself barged into a few weeks/decades ago.  Here’s Pullman explaining further:

“I think it’s quite an interesting fanbase for Torchwood – this week, I did a project with astronauts, and a lot of people at NASA really like Torchwood.  Marsha Ivins, who’s a retired astronaut, has always been a huge fan, and she’s bringing with her imaging from the photo department at NASA because they’re such big Torchwood fans and they wanted to get some images of Cardiff for Russell [T. Davies] and Julie [Gardner]. Very bright people get a little crazy about the whole thing.”

It must be a ploy… these astronauts are probably obsessively following anything with ties to the Doctor so they can track him down and strike him when he’s least expecting it!  Because it’d be entirely ridiculous to suggest that members of this space-loving organization might simply have a taste for alien-related shows.

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