Davies: ‘Cameron and Clegg are Evil’

Remember the day when Andrew Cartmel and the writing staff of Doctor Who stormed parliament, seized Mrs. Thatcher and launched her into the Thames using a medieval trebuchet?

Remember the peace and prosperity that rang out across the land thanks to the Panama Hat Party and their leftist militant agenda?

Nope? Shame…still there’s no harm in kicking out the jams once in awhile – and biting the hand that feeds you – and who better to launch a stinging attack on the Coalition Government than a man currently uniting the US and UK with Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Russell T. Davies has seen through the ’bumbling’ ‘buffoonish’ image of the UK’s collation government and attacked David Cameron and Nick Clegg labelling them ‘savage and evil people’:

“There is a great intelligence behind the Tory party that says let’s appear slightly bumbling and slightly buffoonish, while they are lethal as a laser underneath it all.”

That’s a bit unfair calling them ‘savage’ and ‘evil’ it actually makes it sound like they would be able to work together.

Speaking to Mark Lawson on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row Davies came out fighting over the government silencing BBC staff’s protests by making the six-year licence fee freeze part of a wider range of Government spending cuts.

Davies, quoted from BBC champion extraordinaire The Daily Mail said:

“How marvellous was it to launch those cuts on the licence fee on the day of all their austerity measures…[making it] easy to put the BBC at the bottom of the list.”

While the move does save the BBC twenty per-cent Davies is convinced there are more, sharper cuts to follow:

“It can take cuts. There are cuts. But I don’t imagine these are the last of the cuts. This a precedent for cuts. Can you ever imagine it going back up again. No.”

Davies also took them to task over plans to shore up the 9 pm watershed – the temporal threshold into which leads the non-stop BBC funded sex orgy and naughty words club of late night television – which he feels are all ready stringent enough:

“It does seem more diligent than ever, that’s why I am surprised he is saying it needs policing.”

This isn’t the first time Davies has ranted at the Tories- in 2009 he was quoted as saying that if the Tories got into power they would dismantle the BBC – reducing it to little more than “Radio 4 and some news.”


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