Doctor Evil and the Next Finale

It’s a question that many of us have pondered ever since the beginning of our tenures as Whovians:  What would the Doctor be like if he were evil?

Valeyard aside, Matt Smith recently supplied io9 with hints about what his Eleventh Doctor would be like if he turned to the dark side:

An evil version of the Doctor, that’s a very good question. Well, hopefully, I may have got to play an evil version of the Doctor — for a bit, briefly — in season six somewhere ….  And how would I play him? I don’t know. I’d play him like a mixture between MacBeth, Einstein and Hannibal Lecter. With a bit of Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther in there somewhere.

In other words, an evil Smith Doctor would be just like the good one, except for the MacBeth and Hannibal Lecter parts.

Wait! (We smack our own collective Kasterborous faces, Eleventh-Doctor-style.)  We missed it!  We saw it and we missed it!  What was that he said?  He may have portrayed an evil Doctor sometime during the current season?  How interesting.  Is he referring to the subtly evil arranging of his own funeral as an 1103-year-old?  Various almost-evil moments in The Almost People?  Or could he be teasing something we’ve yet to see?

Perhaps we’ll know for sure by the end of this season in the autumn.  Perhaps not.  But what we will apparently know at that point are answers to some of the questions brought about by A Good Man Goes To War, if outgoing producer Arsene Piers Wenger, speaking from the same io9 article, is anything to go by…

[There will be] two big reveals for the price of one this year …. you’ve got another six episodes to sort of live through and feel the repercussions of [Good Man‘s] cliffhanger, before to you get to the thing that caused it at the end of the second [half].

(The following speculation contains a MAJOR SPOILER for those who haven’t seen the mid-series finale yet.  If you fit that description, this is where you should stop reading.)

Hmmm… we now know that Steven Moffat’s much-hyped mega-cliffhanger at the end of the most recent Doctor Who story was the reveal that River Song is in fact the direct offspring of Amy, Rory, and the Time Vortex, and apparently now we’re going to see what happened that caused caused River to reveal her identity.

Because when you think about it, why did River drop in at that specific point and tell her parents who she was?  Couldn’t she have waited until the next time she and the TARDIS crew met up to dish the news?  It seems like the obvious answer would be that she stopped by to give the Doctor, Amy, and Rory hope when they needed it most, but when you read the way Mr. Wenger chose his words, it sounds like there may be an alternative reason as well.

We’ll start to “feel the repercussions” of the River reveal when Doctor Who returns with Let’s Kill Hitler this September.

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