Doctor Who Audios on eBay!

Don’t be too downheartened that Doctor Who has come to an end – you can fill the next few months with plenty of top merchandise, and we’ve got a few things listed on eBay right now that might pique your interest…

In order to contribute to running and development costs over the next couple of months, we’re auctioning off audios and books over the next few weeks, with 10% of our proceeds going to the Royal British Legion.

Currently there are four items listed:

  • Inferno, a two-disc version of the Terrance Dicks adaptation, read by Caroline John. Inferno is the name of a top-secret drilling project to penetrate the Earth’s crust and release a major new energy source. A crisis develops when an obnoxious green liquid leaks out as a drilling progresses – the green poison has a grotesquely effect on human beings. As the Earth’s plight worsens, the Doctor is trapped in a parallel world, unable to rescue the planet and its inhabitants from the destructive force unleashed by the Inferno project.
  • The Coming of the Terraphiles by Michael Moorcock, read by Clive Mantle across 9 discs! The Doctor and Amy taking part in a competition to win the fabled Arrow of the Law. But before they can even get to the grand finals, they must deal with disappearing ships, Captain Cornelius and his pirate crew, and the collapse of reality itself…
  • The Lost TV Episodes Collection #2: 1965-1966 (12 discs) – contains four episodes that have long been missing from the TV archives: The Daleks’ Master Plan, The Savages, The Celestial Toymaker and The Massacre. Also included is a special bonus disc that tells the story of what happened to these missing episodes, and the collection features linking narration by former companion actor Peter Purves (Steven Taylor). Purves also appears in some bonus interviews, and original BBC camera scripts also feature in PDF format.
  • The BBC Radio Episodes – a collection of nine discs spans twenty years of Doctor Who on radio, from the Tom Baker era to a time right before the 1996 Paul McGann TV Movie. Included in the collection are: Doctor Who and the Pescatons (1976), Exploration Earth (both Elisabeth Sladen and Tom Baker), Slipback (1985, Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant), The Paradise of Death and The Ghosts of N-Space (1993, and 1996, starring Jon Petwee, Nicholas Courtney, Elisabeth Sladen) and Whatever Happened To… Susan (1994).

Each of these auctions kicked off at 99p, although they also have “Buy it now” prices. They all end on Saturday, June 11th, and you can view the full list of items over at eBay right now.

We’ll be adding new items on a weekly basis, so feel free to bid (even it only for fun!) and help to raise money for the Royal British Legion!


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