Doctor Who Awesome Anime!

Long-term readers of Kasterborous may recall the amazing work of the YouTube user who calls himself OtaKing. What this chap has done is pretty amazing – create a 13-minute long anime style adventure for the Third Doctor using awesome animation, audio clips from the classic series and a whole lot of effort.

OtaKing has released various in-progress versions of the project which we’ve featured several times, but this week the finished results have recently been uploaded to YouTube and, as you can see, his work is nothing short of stunning!

Featuring the voices of Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney, Roger Delgado, Anthony Ainley and various Cyberman and Dalek voice actors from the original series, the episode features earth caught in the crossfire of rival Cyberman and Dalek invasion forces!

OtaKing is in fact Paul Johnson, a 32-year-old professional translator from Sheffield, UK, who describes the video as:

“…just an 11 minute fake ‘what if’ trailer for a Doctor Who anime if one had been made back in the early ’90s.”

Coming in at closer to 13 minutes, however, you can see just how fantastic his work is, and what Doctor Who done anime-style would look like.

If this chap hasn’t been snapped up by the BBC by the time you read this sentence, there is something wrong with the world. On a plus side, however, when Doctor Who fans can create material as amazing as this, you have to feel sorry for other shows…


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