Have a Melted Ganger!

Doctor Who Ganger toy - Goo Pot Flesh!Here’s a toy that’s designed to actually be used, rather than sit in a box on a shelf for all eternity.

Through what can be seen as either an especially creative addition to the Doctor Who merchandise library or a convenient way to discard defective Eleventh Doctor figures, Character Options has announced the imminent release of ‘The Flesh’ Goo Pod, which is nothing more or less than a slimy substance in the color of a melted Ganger from The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People, with bits of Matt Smith action figures mixed in.

Each pod comes with a few random body parts, with a total of 5 collectible severed appendages: two legs, two arms, and a head.  It’s unclear whether bits of other figures, e.g. Flesh Amy, will be available, as the promotional text doesn’t specify any characters, simply saying “random ‘The Flesh’ parts hidden inside.”  However, all the images we’ve seen thus far only include disfigured bits of the Eleventh Doctor.

This TARDIS-shaped ‘Goo Pod’ is available on Forbidden Planet for the reduced pre-order price of £6.29 (RRP £6.99), and is scheduled to arrive in the store’s warehouse on June 21st.

But we’re sure money’s tight, so if you’re willing to get your hands a little dirty, you can easily make this yourself using a recipe for slime and cut-up pieces of your own favorite (or perhaps least-favorite) Doctor Who figures!  Why spend money?  And why limit yourself to one incarnation of the Doctor?  With this method, you can show off your very own Flesh Fourth Doctor, Roger Delgado Master, Peri Brown, or if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, even Flesh Daleks and Cybermen!  And while you won’t get the extra-special police box pod this way, we’re sure that unused TARDIS cookie jar collecting dust on your shelf will do nicely.  The possibilities are limitless!

Patrick Riley


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