Inquest into Death of Terry Nation’s Agent

Roger Hancock, agent to Dalek creator Terry Nation, who also represented his brother, the legendary comedian Tony Hancock, has died in ‘unnatural circumstances’ reports the Daily Telegraph.

Both the Hancock brothers played a small but crucial part in Doctor Who’s history. Terry Nation had written for the show Hancock until he was fired by Tony- enabling him to join Doctor Who which he had previously refused to do.

While Roger Hancock was instrumental in negotiating with the BBC over the use of the Daleks resulting in the Terry Nation estate retaining the power to choose which Dalek stories can be  transmitted on television.

Hancock’s death has become tangled in bureaucracy following changes to protocol following the Harold Shipman murders. Anybody whose death has been ruled ‘unnatural’ has to have both an autopsy and an inquest leaving  his son, Tim, who has run the agency since Roger unofficially retired in 1996, to find a way through the ‘red tape nightmare’.

Rogers death came as a result of a series of falls and occured on the same day one of his clients, the Only Fools and Horses writer John Sullivan, also passed away after a viral infection.

Tim Hancock paid glowing tribute to his father:

“He was the wise old owl whom I would consult. He is a very hard act to follow. He had no greater delight than to embarrass the hell out of his children. He stopped coming into the office in 1996, but he still claimed he was working until four or five years ago.

If I can be half the man he was, I will die a happy man.”

You can get an idea of the role Roger Hancock played in Terry Nation’s career from the recent book by Alwyn Turner, The Man Who Invented the Daleks – The Strange Worlds of Terry Nation.


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