Karen’s Monster Spoilers!

If you’re not after any spoilers, my friends, and especially if you’re one of those non-British people who haven’t even seen The Almost People yet, you can stop reading this article… now!

Doctor Who Series 6 - Karen Gillan as Amy Pond

Karen's Monster Spoiler

If  you’ve already checked out the prequel for A Good Man Goes to War, you may not be terribly surprised by the monster-related news that Karen Gillan here is about to tell you:

“Oh so fro tho Co bo mo tho Jo do oh bo oh wo.  Tho oh lo so woh wo do sco vo woh Ro vo So ro lo oh.”

(ahem) Sorry about that – seems our TARDIS here at Kasterborous towers is malfunctioning a bit.  Here, have a Babel Fish.  Now you should be able to understand her…

“Aside from the Cybermen, the Judoon are back as well. This is also when we discover who River Song really is.”

Hmm… rather intriguing how Miss Gillan dishes these two seemingly separate teases in such close proximity to each other.  Is this a hint?  Is she trying to tell us that River is in fact a Judoon?  Or a Cyberman?  Or a hybrid Judoon-Cyberman-mega-beast?  (Feel free to post this or any proper theories you may have at our recently-published River Song Speculation Zone!)


We’ll find out for sure when A Good Man Goes To War this Saturday at 6:40 PM on BBC One.

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