Miracle Day “Was Great Fun”

Who will actually remember about the good times had by all on set if the movie/TV show was terrible? Calling everyone “great, superb, wonderful to work with” is the default setting for the never ending tedium that is the press junket and comes with little or no insight: “Hey remember that person you think is great? Turns out they’re great!”

It’s nice to receive a little self validation through the actions of another and to see that these modern actors with their iPhones and their fancy toasted sandwich makers are nothing if not professional but does it add to the quality of the piece?

Sometimes it can bleed through – can you imagine Ocean’s Eleven if one of the fabled eleven spent their downtime handing out flyers on the evils of gambling? Or if someone on Apocalypse Now actually thought he was Coronal Kurzt…no, wait.

How about former Star Trek: The Next Generation actor John De Lancie speaking to TrekToday about his time acting in Torchwood: Miracle Day:

“Working on the show was great fun.”

Would you be willing to forgive someone their trespasses if they decided to hang out in their trailer all day instead of joining in the japery if the show turns out to be amazing?

They say that the end justifies the means and according to De Lancie the means will maintain that British quality of old Torchwood:

“My sense is the show is still quite British. It has, mostly, an American crew, but the sensibility of it, led by Russell [T. Davies] is very British. It’s a completely different show to Star Trek, there’s no technobabble. It’s someone’s future, potentially real. I enjoyed that.”

While sworn to secrecy, De Lancie did however let slip a few details about the character he’s playing:

“I’m a recurring character in the final three episodes of the series. My character is CIA, very gruff, unimpressed by the ‘Torchwood clowns’ as he’d call them.”

Judgement on the equation A Good Time was Had by All to the power of Worth all that Goofing Around shall be reserved for when Torchwood: Miracle Day hits the air on the 8th July in the States on the Starz Network and some time after that on BBC 1 in Blighty.


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