Reign of Terror Animated!

Smashing news for any who mourn the loss of various episodes from the 60s era of Doctor WhoThe Reign of Terror, the final story of Season 1 (and the second story chronologically to have long-gone components after Marco Polo 100% of which is missing in action) is to have its two departed sections animated!

Respectively titled The Tyrant of France and A Bargain of Necessity, Parts 4 and 5 of The Reign of Terror contribute to the story that saw the first use of location shooting in our favorite show and originated the concept of the Doctor in a “cool” hat that puts the fez to shame, and were previously only available in audio form with the option of an accompanying photo reconstruction.

2|Entertain announced the animation would be included in the upcoming DVD release of the story, scheduled for sometime next year, on their Twitter page, while further commenting on who else is involved:

“Animation partners on REIGN OF TERROR are @bigfinish and @Thetamation. Excited to have such a talented bunch on board!”

Big Finish is, of course, the well-known team behind countless Doctor Who audio adventures, while Theta-Sigma, the real name behind the “Thetamation” Twitter account, is run by Austen Atkinson, who seems to have a background with all the major UK TV networks and several US cable ones.

This is a particularly welcome development not only for those members of our forums who were only just recently discussing how wonderful it would be if stories like The Reign of Terror was brought back to life in such a manner, but for anyone in favor of a complete visual experience of Doctor Who.  Do join us now in the act of shouting, “We can’t wait for 2012!”

Patrick Riley


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