See Jack’s Naughty Bits

Let’s be honest, sometimes contributors at Kasterborous Towers, myself included, may write a headline that says one thing but means something altogether different, a tactic intended to coerce you, our faithful reader, into clicking on the article.

Right now this is not the case.

That’s right, loyal Kasterborites!  On this rare occasion, you are permitted to take a potentially-scandalous-sounding headline at face value, because Captain Jack Harkness, as portrayed by John Barrowman, will be showing off his man stuff in an unspecified episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day!

And we’re not talking about a Children of Earth bum shot this time, no siree.  If what Barrowman himself has said is true, ladies and gentlemen, you’re going to see everything.

“I am naked in one episode – I am full-on naked.  I am bumping and grinding in this one.  I am having man sex.  The true die-hard fans know Jack is omnisexual – he likes men and women.  People who tune into this series will just think Jack is gay, because he just has full-on man sex.”

It’s not just with any man, either.  44-year-old Barrowman will be having his relations with some chap 20 years his junior:

“It was really fun.  One day, I get to shoot a helicopter and save the world, and a couple of days later, I get to have sex with a 24-year-old.”

Given the more liberal (and non-government-regulated) nature of premium US networks like Starz as compared to the more-family-friendly-ish conventional spots on the American dial, it now comes as no surprise that Fox passed on the opportunity to co-produce Series 4.  And obvious as this sounds, it’s probably worth mentioning that you shouldn’t let your kids see this one, unless you don’t mind them witnessing one of their beloved Doctor Who companions… er, being someone else’s companion.

Torchwood: Miracle Day hits TV sets across America on July 8th on the Starz network, with a BBC One UK kickoff sometime later.

Patrick Riley


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