The Not-Romance of Alex & Matt

Whether you like River Song or not, there’s no denying that her relationship with the Doctor is quite an unusual one and even a bit intriguing, especially after our suspicions of her relation to Amy and Rory were confirmed at the end of A Good Man Goes To War.

But what is the real relationship between actors Alex Kingston and Matt Smith like?  As it turns out, it’s equally, if not more baffling.  And not least because there’s a bit of on-set envy going on.  According to Kingston,

“[Matt] gets very jealous, as I get all the best entry and exit lines.”

What, you mean “Hello Sweetie?”  Are you suggesting that’s better than the Doctor’s world-famous “Can I have an apple?” TARDIS-climb-out?  Tsk tsk.

Hold on, it gets better – we all know about the “sexual” chemistry between the Doctor and River even though the former is much, much older than the latter, and it’s made even more confusing when you consider that in reality it’s the other way around.  Alex (we hope she forgives us if she happens to be reading this) very visibly… er, has more years of life experience under her belt than Matt.  So the stark contrast between their characters’ relationship on-camera and their actual relationship off-camera unsurprisingly comes across as a bit… odd:

“Matt’s a great flirt. But I feel… I’m going to make myself sound old, but I feel quite motherly towards him.”

The man’s flirting with someone who feels like she’s his mum… that’s nice.  Wait, hang on, looks like Alex is changing her mind:

“Maybe not motherly. Actually, I hope he doesn’t regard me as a mother.  Older sister, perhaps.”

Phew… that makes it so much better.

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Patrick Riley


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