What Will 2012 Bring?

Closing the gates after the horse has bolted seems to be the Beeb’s lot in life at the moment thanks to a rather baffling strategy of not releasing any information regarding the new series then acting all surprised when journalists start to do their jobs and investigate why the corporation hasn’t been more forthcoming.

The Beeb valiantly stepped in far too late using the medium of Tweet’s to calm the growing concern raised by Private Eye that there was the possibility that there wouldn’t even be a seventh series.

Thankfully all was confirmed but instead of plugging the dam with a plucky finger the Beeb have instead rammed a hydraulic drill into the hole and left us all wondering: If there are 14 episode comissioned when exactly are they going to air?

Kasterborous’ wish to see the return of the show to its more suited autumn time slot could have just been granted.

Bleeding Cool have joined in the speculation that the ‘good chunk’ of episodes airing in 2012 mentioned by a “BBC Spokesperson” in their release will see the show airing  seven epiosdes in the autumn of 2012 which will end around Christmas time with the remaining six to appear in 2013.

However that raises a whole host of new issues to beat the Beeb around the head with.

Notably, there is the potential issue raised in both Private Eye and Bleeding Cool regarding the lucrative Doctor Who Series 6 Box Set DVD. How will releasing half a box set help matters?

The bigger concern is the wait. If the current series ends its run on Christmas Day then that means Who fans will be waiting until at least September before any new episodes hit our screens. Thats a long wait, one that most won’t want to endure after the months and months of waiting during the year of specials leading up to David Tennant’s departure as the Tenth Doctor.

So despite getting closer to having Doctor Who air under wintery darkness there are still issues regarding just how the formatting and airing of those shows and any subsequent series will effect the programme in the long term.

Hopefully we won’t be waiting too long for an answer.


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