Where’s Our Torchwood?

With its layers of intrigue, double bluffs and a silent, hidden Corporation waiting in the wings to strike you’d be mistaken for feeling that the MacGuffin for Torchwood: Miracle Day is pinpointing and locating someone at the BBC to clarify when the brand new series is going to air.

Predictably co-producers the Starz Network were always going to have first dibs when it came to who airs the show first but now other nations have the jump over the UK- with Canada, joining Australia, with the announcement that SPACE – the sci-fi network in Canada – and SPACE HD will also air the show before the UK.

According to Channel Canada the premiere of the fourth season which sees Captain Jack (John Barrowman) and what’sleft of Torchwood fight against an unknown enemy enforcing immortality on the human race will take place on the 9th July- a day after the American premiere

It’s not entirely unreasonable to expect that a show which has made no bones about the fact that its American and British counterparts clashing will form part of its dramatic thrust would air in one of those nations before others got the chance to see it.

Details on just when the UK chapter of the Torchwood fraternity would see the new series have been vague to say the least.

Come the end of last Tuesdays BBC Radio 4 programme Front Row’s interview with writer/creator Russell T. Davies host Mark Lawson happily announced that Jack and the gang would be heading to our screens next month (July) while at the Davies was both more exact and more vague commenting to On the Box that it would air somewhere around the 14th/15th of July.

Two dates which have already been confirmed by the BBC programme highlights for week 28 (which run from the 9th up to the 15th July) as being Torchwood free.

The official line on those highlights is that they are ‘subject to change’ but potentially the earliest Torchwood could air would be the 16th July leaving the UK a full week behind the American, Australian and now Canada.

Not only that, the 16th is also a Saturday which itself would be an odd time to schedule a show which has a distinctly post-watershed week night feel – potentially then we could be waiting until at least the 18th until Miracle Day finally airs.

By then of course this won’t matter as most people will probably procure the episode (and the next one) via downloads and torrents- that is of course if their brave enough to switch on a computer and potential stumble upon a spoiler or twelve.

One possible saving grace against leechers and seeders is that the UK and US shows will contain different footage from one another.

DWM Editor Tom Spilsbury’s Twitter page, meanwhile, indicates that both UK and US audiences will get extra content in the scramble to make each episode acceptable for the BBC’s guidelines governing what UK audiences can and cannot and to trim the episodes down for advertisements on the Starz network in the US.


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