Barrowman’s 2 Stuntmen!

It’s not a tabloid story (they’re behaving these days…), but our headline instead refers to an interesting interview with John Barrowman appeared on Den of Geek this week, in which the Torchwood: Miracle Day star revealed a few fascinating things about the differences between filming in the USA and in the UK.

Something that will raise a few eyebrows is the fact that previously Barrowman did his own stunts as Jack Harkness, whereas now it isn’t possible, for one insurance reason or another…

I normally would do my own stunt driving, my own fight sequences, my own smaller stunts. In Wales, I’d do them myself.

They won’t allow me anymore. I have a lot of restrictions on what I can and can’t do. Not only stunt-wise. I’ve got two stuntmen doubling for me at the moment. But I also have it written into my contract that I can’t do certain things in my own life.

It seems that Captain Cheesecake can’t actually do anything to unwind, with extreme sports such as “mountain bike riding, I can’t go scuba diving, I can’t snowboard, horseback ride” out of bounds, along with football, soccer and water skiing!

Any fans of Barrowman, Torchwood and Doctor Who should check out the interview, in which John also recalls that he and Steven Moffat agreed that it would be great for Jack to return to the show…

Torchwood: Miracle Day continues this week with episode 2 on BBC One, Thursday at 9pm and episode 3 in the USA on the Starz network at 10pm on Friday!



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