Big Finish Renewed!

Fantastic news for all you fans of Big Finish, the company has just had their licence to produce original Doctor Who stories renewed for the next three years, meaning that we’ll have more audio adventures from past Doctors and their friends up until at least 2014!

The licence has been negotiated with AudioGO (the company that produces the Doctor Who soundtracks for the missing 60’s stories and also the new eleventh Doctor audio readings) and we’re promised a lot more exciting adventures from the Doctor Who universe.

As well as the rest of this year’s releases and the plans for next year, Big Finish promise not only new adventures for Doctors Five, Six, Seven and Eight but also a fourth and fifth series of Jago & Litefoot and another season of Lost Stories.

If that isn’t enough to get you excited and starting up a regular subscription the company also has their new range of Fourth Doctor stories launching next year starring legend Tom Baker and also Mary Tamm, Louise Jameson and John Leeson. After all these years of waiting, over a decade, the man himself is back!

Also announced is a brand new spin off from Doctor Who which is in the works. No other details have been given as yet but you can bet it’s going to be good.

Executive producer at Big Finish and voice of the Daleks Nick Briggs commented:

“We’ve had a fantastic working relationship with AudioGO…so we’re very much looking forward to continuing that.”

Here’s to a bright Doctor Who tinted future, and if this isn’t enough for you to wake up and smell the Big Finish magic, then, we don’t know what is…

(With thanks to David Richardson.)


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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