Fiver for Six!

Big Finish must really love five pound notes. Their ‘Big Finish for a Fiver’ offer, which includes audios like Phantasmagoria, Shada (with the Eighth Doctor) and the Dalek Empire series, have been going for a while now, and earlier in June, to celebrate the very first Big Finish Day, the first 50 CDs of the normal Who range (from The Sirens of Time to Zagreus) were offered for just £5 each. And now they’re doing it again… albeit on a much smaller scale.

On the Doctor Who Facebook page, it’s Colin Baker week, so – until Friday – two Sixth Doctor stories, The One Doctor and Leviathan, are being added to the ‘Big Finish for a Fiver’ page. While this particular Doctor has divided fans like no other incarnation on screen, the character has enjoyed something of a ‘renaissance’ in his audio adventures.

2001’s The One Doctor is one of the most popular Sixth Doctor stories, despite his pairing with another critic-divider, Bonnie Langford as Mel Bush. Written by Gareth Roberts (The Unicorn and the Wasp; The Lodger) and ex-DWM editor, Clayton Hickman, The One Doctor sees the Doctor and his faithful companion, Sally-Anne, saving the seventeen worlds of the Generios system from the Skelloids. Then a curly-haired man with a very loud voice, jacket and companion arrive in the TARDIS.

It’s definitely a fun tale for a lonely Saturday night while you wait for Let’s Kill Hitler. Oh, and it’s got Christopher Biggins in… playing the Doctor.

And you don’t often hear that.

Leviathan is part of The Lost Stories, originally intended for season 23, before being replaced by The Trial of a Time Lord. Originally written by Brian Finch, it was then adapted after his death by his son, Paul Finch, who has also recently scribed the fantastic new series novel, Hunter’s Moon. The audio sees Colin Baker teaming up once more with Nicola Bryant (Peri) to visit a medieval village where no one reaches old age; when the time comes, you just get taken away and never seen again.

Leviathan also stars Beth Chalmers as Althya. Chalmers has gone on to play Raine, the Seventh Doctor’s new companion in the latest season of The Lost Stories.

Both stories are available from Big Finish for £5 each until Friday 29th July – find out more at


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