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Aurélie Demonchaux, our fantastic friend of the French Doctor Who forum Beans on Toast – who you’ll remember gave us a brilliant little update on all the happenings at the Steven Moffat staring Paris Comic Con – has been busy compiling even more pictures, videos and titbits from this years event.

For those not in range of the TARDIS translation circuits or in possession of a Babel Fish (which will please God); do not worry – not all of them are in French!

Speaking of the difficulties of translation Aurélie has helped clarify a few issues arising from fan questions put to Moffat at the event- the first concerning the ultimate fate of Rory Williams the man for whom Death is a frequent visitor:

“1st question: a fan asked Steven Moffat “Why do you keep killing Rory ?” And Moffat answered “I also keep bringing him back!”. He went on to say that he had only really killed Rory once, actually. Also, there’ll be a “pay-off” for Rory’s repeated deaths. Moffat also implied that, with him being a bit of a “romantic”, we should not worry too much about Rory’s future.”

Moffat was also asked about the origins of kick ass Archaeologist River Song, which he helpfully expanded upon in this fan-filmed video.

Up next is another fan video only this time featuring Moffat discussing the possibility of Captain Jack jumping onboard the TARDIS again and, just what might happen if the Eleventh Doctor jumped into the Torchwood universe.

Finally, not only do we have our lady on the ground Aurélie sending us missives from across the channel but also her friend Aude Boubaker, who has kindly offered Kasterborous her amazing photos of the event – say hello everyone!

Steven Moffat at Paris Comic-Con

Steven Moffat at Paris Comic-Con

Steven Moffat at Paris Comic-Con

Steven Moffat at Paris Comic-Con

Steven Moffat at Paris Comic-Con

A huge thank you to both Aurélie and Aude for keeping us all entertained and up to date with everything from the Comic Con!


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