Series 7 Clarification (In French)

As you might expect, the Paris Comic Con event at the weekend which saw Steven Moffat appearing as a special guest featured some questions and answers concerning Doctor Who Series 7.

However, we don’t speak very good Francais, so have opted to use the latest in technological advances to find out what was said.

So, in our best French (thanks to Google Translate; no telepathic translation circuits at Kasterborous Towers) here’s a summary of what was said.

At first, the dour comedy genius simply shared that

‘Contrary to what you may have heard, there will be the same number of episodes next year.”

However, it seems that later, at the end of the conference, Steven Moffat returned to the subject adding:

”There will be the same number of episodes. But it’s true that there will be a change in the mode of distribution. I would explain it all. Later.”

The phrase “mode of distribution” is, sadly, a translation French, which itself was a translation of English. So, it could mean that the series will be spread out across 2012, or perhaps that some of it will air online or even in theatres, although that would come as a considerable surprise at this stage.



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