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By now our Starz-subscribing American readers will have already seen The New World, so this one’s mainly for our loyal UK audience who continue to eagerly await Thursday.

As is the norm for onscreen installments of Whoniverse canon, there are always one or two websites who see it ahead of time and post a list of ten-or-so one-sentence teasers to make us jealous whet our appetites.  Episode 1 of Torchwood: Miracle Day is no exception and this time, Digital Spy have created the almighty list; though to be honest, this lot is mostly quoting lines from the show without mentioning who says them or in what context they were said, so there’s not really much there that’s easy to speculate about.  Click the link from the previous sentence to see it all, or just read below to see the best ones and this writer’s interpretation of them…

  • There’s a cheeky reference to a deceased former Torchwood member (and no, it’s not Ianto).

Hmm… with Ianto ruled out, that leaves just Owen, Tosh, Susie, all the members of the team that were murdered in the Fragments flashback, and the casualties of Canary Wharf.  That makes it easy.  Of course, when you consider Miracle Day‘s premise, that of people who should be dead not being that way, we can probably narrow this “cheeky reference” down to either Owen or Susie.

  • The chief villains from Torchwood: Children of Earth also get a mention, in a roundabout sort of way.

Hold on… I thought one of the main points of Children of Earth was to ask who the real villains are: aliens hoping to get a buzz off children or the members of humanity willing to hand them over.  As that was left up to the viewer to decide, we’re either going to hear about the 456, or that “lucky” prime minister and his band of government agents.

  • A certain drug familiar to Torchwood fans is utilised once again.

Retcon.  No doubt about it.

  • “First sign of trouble, you go running off with Captain Jack B*llocks.”

Undoubtedly a line from a character we’re all familiar with, as A) that would be a very odd thing for a newbie to say and B) all the newbies are Americans anyway, and “b*llocks” isn’t a traditional word in their vernacular.  Plus that quote is totally something Rhys would say to Gwen.

  • Wales is the British equivalent of New Jersey.

Apparently that’ll be brought up in the story somehow… Personally I don’t have enough experience actually being in the UK (read: none) to agree or disagree with this statement, but I will say that New Jersey sure does suck.

Torchwood: Miracle Day has already kicked off in the USA and airs Fridays at 10PM ET on Starz.  In the UK, the first episode premieres this Thursday at 9PM on BBC One.

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