TV Icon Befriends Mass Murdering Fascist!

When not ambulance chasing all the disgruntled NI readers in a desperate attempt paint itself as a paragon of virtue the Daily Mail likes, on occasions, to miss the point – especially when it comes to the BBC whom it pathologically loathes.

So imagine the joy that sang from the heart of Daily Mail Reporter (ah Mr. and Mrs. Daily Mail Reporter must be proud of their son/daughter when they see that by-line) when they got to write up a story about how Doctor Who was busy BFF-ing Adolf Hitler.

Their evidence stems from the recently released San Diego Comic Con Trailer where Hitler thanks the Doctor for saving his life.

‘What a wheeze’ it must have thought when ignoring the facts like the Grandfather Paradox or the 1934 Daily Mail headline which proudly boasted ‘Hurrah for the Blackshirts’ – incidentally I’m including a link to show that it was an actual person who was not in anyway totally made up like say this quote from ‘One Viewer’ :

‘The thought of Doctor Who helping Hitler in any positive way is terrible and unthinkable.’

The controversy will no doubt reign on over the next… oh wait:

“But it has been pointed that later in trailer Hitler is on the receiving end of a punch suggesting that being saved could be part of a more elaborate storyline.”

The controversy is over!

Doctor Who doesn’t join in the chorus of Springtime for Hitler and instead, attempts to dramatise the show’s long held belief in the absolute nature of certain periods of history with a sense of humour clearly lacking at the Mail.

A BBC source said :

“The Doctor meets Hitler in 1938 before he commits war crimes. Viewers should wait and watch – and all will become clear.”

That’s right viewers: don’t let the controversy that lasted 221 words get in the way of your enjoyment says the pot stirring Mail.

Whatever the outcome of the fabulously titled Let’s Kill Hitler lets not let knee-jerk agenda setting nonsense ruin what promises to be an epic episode.


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