Matt Smith: ‘Amy is Sexy’

Today in the world of the obvious Matt Smith has told The Sun that Amy Pond is a sexy character – citing the old ‘something for the dads to watch’ argument for justifying the new sexy dimension for the series.

Sounding like a Sultan in a Harem Smith said:

“Don’t tell me that the dads at home don’t go, ‘Ah cool, Karen’s on’. What do people want Karen to dress in? A floor-length skirt, a pair of jeans and a hoodie? She’s a beautiful woman.”

Smith also argued that as well as being ‘dark’ and ‘scary’ it is also in the shows nature to be sexy:

“Amy Pond is a sexy character by her very nature. No one is quite like Amy. I think Doctor Who should be dark. I think it should be scary. And sexy? I mean, for God’s sake, look at the companions of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker in their tiny, Tarzanian tops.

It will always be family entertainment and it has to adhere to that. But I don’t think it has gone too far. I mean, how sexy is it?”

Well, wonder no more Matt because thanks to Kasterborous’ patented (pending) Sexy-o-meter (we’re working on the name) we can tell you exactly how sexy it is…calibrating now…the answer to how sexy is it is…Peat Moss…no, wait…belt sanders…no, trying again…and it is as sexy as…Tarr Steps Bridge…sigh, give us a moment.

Still, while we’re trying to get the Sexy-o-meter to work, let us know what you think: which is sexier, Doctor Who or Amy Pond?



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