Oi, Kasterborous – Where’s My News?!

Ah. Yes. You’ve probably noticed over the past few weeks that we’ve been a little slow with some news items, completely glossing over others and a bit premature with the rest.

We’re not really a site that likes to make excuses for ourselves, but in this case an explanation is in order.

You see, despite that fact that Doctor Who hasn’t been on TV for several weeks, there is still as much news doing the rounds as there was when we were enjoying Series 6 Part One.

Chuck in Torchwood: Miracle Day, summer holidays, twin babies at K Towers (welcome Bruce and Erin-Rose!) and a lack of Internet for much of the past week and you pretty much have the current situation.

Kasterborous Editor Christian Cawley (that’s me, folks) will be working hard to get everything back ship-shape over the next few days, which is just as well as there is A LOT of work to do over the next few months, both in front of the scenes and behind them.

However, a couple of changes have already been applied, quietly, to judge their impact, and I think we can safely say that these are things that we will be sticking with.

Most notable among these is the ability for anyone to leave comments about our news and opinions without having to register first! While we will gratefully accept new commenters signing up, this isn’t always practical, so for the past few weeks we’ve been testing the water to see how many people now leave comments, and I have to say it has been pretty successful, with a three-fold increase in our readers thoughts and feedback!

Your thoughts on the news are just as important to Kasterborous as those of the contributors, so we’re delighted to see this working has hoped.

Over the coming months, however, we hope to apply some further changes, some of which are detailed below:

  • Slight revision to site layout
  • Introduction of new content types
  • Closer integration with the Kasterborous Forum
  • Release of Ultimate Regeneration eBook
  • Conclusion of comic book artists search

So, let’s look at this as a slightly lazy summer for Kasterborous, something that is likely to change in the very near future!


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