Time Lords to Win GWS?

Today’s opener in the Gallifreyan Worlds Series saw a debacle in sport that left many questioning whether Time Lords should to be allowed to play competitive sport at all.

Each time the Mondasian Silverskins struck a home run a Type-60 TARDIS conspicuously appeared at the exact boundary whereupon points would have been scored. A player then appeared at the door of the craft (disguised as a hot-dog stand), caught the ball then threw it back to the pitcher to play the runner out.

Further confusion and disarray followed as the Citadel Cardinals locked the entire match in a temporal loop to render the result obsolete as they had winning score before the game had actually started. Accusations that the match referee was actually a future regeneration of the Cardinal’s Captain have also yet to be refuted.

Anti-time warping and reality-bending rules have been in force since the infamous singularity incident, although there had been rumours for some months that Cardinals manager Rassilon was considering protesting against this, pointing out that all other teams are allowed to play to their strengths, so why shouldn’t his?

League officials were believed to have been called in to investigate, however there has been little sign of them since their closed doors meeting with Rassilon. When asked about the meeting, the Citadel Cardinals boss and founder of Time Lord society revealed that the chat had been constructive but short, noting that the league representatives had to “run a gauntlet” to oversee the evening match between the Macra Marauders and the Plastic Mickeys.

All this in the week following the extermination of the whole Sontaran Sidearms team in their match against the Skaro Rollers leaves the whole future of the GWS on a very shaky nail indeed.


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