Corden and Smith, Sitting in a Tree…

According to Digital Spy, Matt Smith is the main reason we are seeing the bafflingly-popular James Corden make a return to our screens in the latest episode of Doctor Who after appearing in last year’s The Lodger. Speaking as a non-Corden fan, I hope the episode will be good in spite of him and/or tie into the overall story arc (and the less he says about Glee, the better).

The story appears to originate from a quote he gave to TV Buzz (the fact that it’s not really much of a story is covered by the fact that they start going on about something else halfway through the article):

“I’m really taken by him, he is the main reason I went back to Doctor Who.”

So the money had nothing to do with it then? He was a fairly popular character (Lord knows why) so that must have partly been an incentive. Another incentive was probably the thought of fighting the Cybermen alongside the Doctor as happens in tonight’s episode.

At the time of writing, he’s due to make his return in Closing Time at 7:10 pm this evening, where we may potentially see more of this attraction between the two leads (well, it looks one-sided at the moment). Of course, our benevolent leader at Kasterborous Towers has already seen it (lucky bugger) and is keeping schtumm, but there was a shot seen in an earlier trailer where the Doctor appears to be about to kiss Craig (complete with dialogue asking about it).

The fangirls live in hope.


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