Fisher-Becker: The Fake Ending

He’s everybody’s favourite old, fat, blue and occasionally-headless black market trader… He’s Dorium Maldovar!

Dorium quickly became loved in the world of Who; his was only a brief cameo in last year’s The Pandorica Opens, but Moffat liked him so much, he reappeared in the mid-series finale, A Good Man Goes to War. Despite his beheading (oh, stop; that’s not a spoiler!), he returns in Saturday’s epic series conclusion, The Wedding of River Song. And actor Simon Fisher-Becker couldn’t be happier about his role in the Whoniverse.

Interestingly, he revealed to CultBox a few details about the fake ending of A Good Man Goes to War:

“The episode as a whole I thought was superb. I was as surprised as everybody else about the revelation at the end. I had no idea, because when we did the read-through we had a different ending. The revelation at the read-through was that the cot tells you the Doctor’s real name.”

Are we to presume this is still relevant, perhaps a way River knew the Doctor’s real name in Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead? This might be a good way to wriggle out of the ‘real name’ thing; if we found out, the show surely wouldn’t be Doctor Who anymore…?

And a warning for fans with a nervous disposition: CultBox’s interview includes an explicit use of the word, ‘tickedyboo.’


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