Gatiss on Peg Dolls

By the time you read this, you should have already seen Night Terrors, the latest episode of Doctor Who Series 6 which comes from the pen (or computer, I suppose) of Mark Gatiss, whose previous adventures include The Unquiet Dead (2005) and The Idiot’s Lantern (2006).

The fascinating Fear Her-style features some rather frightening monsters in the shape of the big-faced Peg Dolls, whose ability to convert victims into more dolls simply by touching is splinteringly scary, something that Gatiss is clearly proud of, as he told

“I’ve always been scared of dolls and it seemed incredible that Who had never really done them. I adore the Peg Dolls – the stuff of proper nightmares!”

“It doesn’t contain anything that throws forward to the rest of the season,” he told us. Before adding, enigmatically, “except for a nursery rhyme with a grim warning…”

Ah yes, the nursery rhyme, with the words “tick tock” and “the Doctor” in it. What’s going on there then?


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