Let Moffat Tweet in Peace

It seems that Steven Moffat is getting a little fed up with fans of Doctor Who that don’t like what he’s doing with the series.

Since taking over the show in 2010, Moffat has been a keen “Tweeter” (that’s a user of social networking site Twitter for all of you that don’t use these new fangled contraptions) who has given regular updates of his Doctor Who exploits as they grow to the general public.

But unfortunately, some of his followers (you can follow a Twitter user if you are a member and receive their updated comments) have chosen to leave a few negative comments of their own and spoil what is generally a great idea for involving fans of the show as it goes through its creative process.

A few bad apples have left threatening comments as well, something which quite rightly leaves the Executive Producer slightly miffed:

“I’m tired of being threatened and sworn at. Behind your back is freedom of speech. To your face is an attack…”

And how right he is. This is a subject that we’ve touched upon in the Kasterborous news feed before but the point is still as valid. If you don’t like what Moffat is doing, you’re under no obligation to watch the show. He and his team work tirelessly to bring us new Doctor Who episodes each year and we’re lucky to get anything at all considering that the show looked like it was permanently dead when the calendar rolled over to the year 2000.

Moffat opens his creative and comical doors to everyone using mediums such as Twitter, something that not a lot of Executive Producers will even bother to do.

Let’s not take advantage of his generosity.

Update: Apology for Moffat

We’ve heard this evening via the Doctor Who News Page that the British Science Fiction Association has issued an apology to Steven Moffat following the conduct of one its committe members:

An apology from the BSFA committee
by Tom Hunter on 05/09/2011 09:28:43


A Heartfelt Apology

The BSFA would like to apologise for a tweet made by one of its committee members on Friday 2nd September. As has been stressed from the outset, we do not endorse either the choice of wording or the sentiments expressed in the offending tweet.

The BSFA committee is composed of a group of volunteers, all of whom are passionate about science fiction, all of whom are individuals with their own distinct views. In this regrettable instance a very personal viewpoint was expressed by one such using a personal account, but one still seen as closely linked to the organisation.

This should not have happened and steps have been taken to ensure that it does not happen again. A letter of apology was also sent to Mr Moffat, the victim of the malicious tweet, the same day. Mr Moffat has responded very graciously, assuring us that he understands the circumstances and has taken no offence with the BSFA.

Nonetheless, the BSFA do wish to apologise sincerely to all those who were offended on Mr Moffat’s behalf.

This is an interesting turn of events that reveals a bit more about the identity of said tweeter; however let’s hope that this can be an end to the pointless and unconstructive comments that have been directed at The Grand Moff of late.

After all, a girl is waiting…


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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