More Torchwood? ALREADY!? (No!)

Rumours of a fifth series for Torchwood have been dancing around the web since before the first episode of Miracle Day aired, and while we’re yet to receive any formal confirmation (and it might be a while before any is forthcoming), this little surprise was seen in Australia this weekend:

(You can disregard the title of the video, we reckon…)

So what is in the offing? With no news of another series in production and John Barrowman currently (certainly until recently) back in the UK, it seems likely that if this was true, an announcement would be made pretty soon.

Could it be that Starz/BBC Wales are planning to announce something just as soon as the final episode airs in the UK on Thursday? Could the wheels already be turning for a sooner press release, perhaps as soon as Monday?

Or… could it simply be a series of Torchwood repeats?

After all, for a new series to be aired in early 2012, it has to be made first, something that could prove a bit of a problem. It’s currently September, and with the Winter break in mid-December it doesn’t seem likely that a full series could possibly be ready in time.

So, repeats it is then! (Or perhaps a Torchwood TV movie – after all, it’s the only format left…)

(Via DWMTweets and DrWhoOnline on Twitter)


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