Save Doctor Who Confidential!

You may recall our article earlier today about the axing of Doctor Who Confidential, wherein due to budget cuts at the BBC it was announced that the show will not run after the end of this series.

The ‘making of’ show which has lasted from Rose up until The Wedding Of River Song, signals the latest casualty in a wave of worry that has passed over the BBC’s various stations recently, after BBC 6 Music was threatened with closure last year and BBC Four is in crisis.

However, hope has arrived in the form of one enterprising fan who has set up a simple to sign petition to save Doctor Who Confidential (does exactly what it says on the tin) and set up a Twitter account. At the time of writing, it’s gathered more than 3000 signatures in under two hours and seems to be rising steadily. I would be the first to say that Confidential does have issues (my main bugbear is what I see as an over-reliance on current tunes) but I find the fact that a petition was set up within hours of the announcement and has already gathered the amount of signatures it has very inspiring.

If you want to see more Confidential behind the scenes stuff, support the weird discussions that go on between the co-stars (I’m disappointed that “GET IN THE VAN” has not become a ‘thing’ among Who fans) or just don’t want to see what’s generally agreed to be a good show be axed in favour of stuff like Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show (the joke is in the title, and that’s the only joke there is) and something called Don’t Tell The Bride, then by all means grace this fair petition with your John Hancock. Spread the word, fans of quality programming!

It’ll only take a minute, and don’t think that your voice won’t be heard: BBC 6 Music was given a reprieve by this same approach, so go and sign the petition!


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