Shada: The Levine Remix

Shada – once the holy grail of Doctor Who episodes – is now something of a cottage industry.

For an episode whose run was curtailed by industrial action it has had an active afterlife: it has been adapted into abridged video only episodes, books, audio plays, ebooks and in 2012 a novelisation by current Who writer Gareth Roberts (The Lodger). Sadly, original writer and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy creator Douglas Adams had refused to grant the novelisation rights to Target – making it one of only a handful of serials never to receive a print counterpart.

However according to Starburst Shada has now finally been ‘completed’ – only there’s a catch.

Using a combination of animation and voice over from the actors involved the once lost serial is now ready to be shown to the outside world.

Only you can’t see it.

The production is neither a BBC funded exercise nor even a venture from 2|entertain for a DVD release. The animation was a privately funded venture by record producer, Doctor Who fan and once continuity consultant on the show in the 80’s,  Ian Levine.

Now Levine isn’t Kazran Sardick (although their were rumours that the Abzorbaloff monster in the 2006’s Love & Monsters was modelled on Levine’s own position in fandom and he did once work with Take That) and he is hopeful that an agreement can be made to see this animated adventure released into the public domain.

So do we really need another version of Shada? Or would you like to see the Levine Remix?




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