So: is This the End?

Warning – if you haven’t yet seen The God Complex, do not read any further. This article refers to events and revelations that occur in the episode, and we would have for you to find out anything in advance of watching the episode!

And with that, he was gone.

If you were expecting next week’s Closing Time to be a typical Doctor-lite episode in which the companions are otherwise occupied, you’ll have been surprised to see the Doctor bid farewell to his friends Amy and Rory, not to mention give The Legs and The Nose a new house and car.

The use of the term “god complex” within the episode leads us back to the state of the ongoing narrative in Doctor Who, whereby the last Time Lord has evolved via a war with the Daleks and survivor guilt from care-free explorer into a “lonely god”.

Rumours and counter-rumours have been doing the rounds concerning the presence or otherwise of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill in Series 7, but regardless of what happens in the final episode of the series, The Wedding of River Song, if the Doctor is to survive the events of Lake Silencio he’s going to need his friends – and after all, they’re already there…


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