Sylvester McCoy in the Pandorica?

As timey-timey things go this is quite a mashup – what if it hadn’t been the Eleventh Doctor who challenged allcomers at Stonehenge in The Pandorica Opens?

What if it had been the Seventh Doctor?

In fairness, there is a certain verisimilitude about that particular incarnation being incarcerated in such a way, given the nature of this strategies against various enemies (Daleks, Cybermen, Fenric), so much so that it is a shame it didn’t quite happen like that.

Still, there’s nothing to worry about as thanks to an interview at the Dragon*Con event this weekend, Sylvester McCoy can be seen reading the “Hello Stonehenge!” scene from The Pandorica Opens – and for a life reading without any rehearsal you can see just how good a job of it he would have made…

This all came about thanks to the interviewer suggesting that Sylvester would have been served better by more polished scripts. Ultimately, I don’t think he did that poorly with the material he was given back in 1987-1989 (certainly not in the last two series) but it is a fascinating exercise nevertheless!


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