The Doctor’s Miracle?

Stuart Ian Burns – writer of the Feeling Listless blog and commenter on Kasterborous favourite Flick Filosopher – has conclusive proof that the Doctor cannot die.

That’s right: no death for the Doctor, in fact no death for anyone because the Doctor meets his fate at the hands of the Impossible Astronaut right around the time when the population of the Earth stopping dying because of Miracle Day.

Torchwood’s miracle occurs around the 22nd March 2011 according to an insert of a mobile phone from episode 2, Rendition, however, as the TARDIS monitor shown in the final shot of Night Terrors, the Doctor’s fate is sealed on 22nd April 2011 – and as The Gathering has shown that’s well within the current events of Miracle Day.

Obviously there are a few caveats to this; the Doctor isn’t human – Miracle Day has made it clear that the miracle only affected Homo Sapiens, and Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat are only too happy sharing both those respective universes: why would they introduce such a massive great paradox?

It also means that the Doctor has wilfully ignored any cries for help from anyone of his human companions currently living in the immortal world.

However like all Category One’s his body was burned…

Whatever your feelings on this revelation it does underline just how far Torchwood has strayed from the ’mother-ship’ or as Burns himself puts it on his blog:

“Assuming it is a contradiction and Miracle Day isn’t indeed going to be used to resolve all of this. Either way, we can probably now add, “ruining Doctor Who” to the list of its crimes.”

So would you be pleased to see Torchwood assisted ‘deus ex Machina’ where somehow the ashes of the Doctor are resurrected – along with Dr. Juarez – after the miracle is lifted?

Or would it be an absolute smack in the face for everything that went before if Torchwood suddenly popped up in this way?


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