I Wear a Scarf Like Tom Baker

Renaissance men to a fault, we at Kasterborous like to mix things up now and then. Yesterday we gave you this slice of mind melting Moog madness and now, being the polymaths that we are, we present:

I Wear A Scarf Like Tom Baker by Drew B.

You know the drill, stop what you’re doing, listen, come back and we’ll compare notes.

Back? Good! Right, this is probably the most bizarre, funny, and genuine tribute to the great man I’ve heard.

There are faults, oh boy, there are faults. The backing track sounds like the kind of music used by regional football programmes for goal highlights in 1995, the song kind of stops at the 0:23 mark to just hang around for the chorus to kick in and to be honest, I’m not really sure any of his fellow rappers would actually know who Tom Baker is to call him out as a ‘faker’ – conversely i’m not sure Doctor Who love is something rappers fear being exposed.

Whose the real faker here? The Rapper or the Tom Baker scarf? What does it say about the duality of man and our place in the universe? Can these two states ever really co-exist? Damn fool. I need to get a grip on reality, I can’t separate the two!

Anyway there’s no doubting the love for Baker on show here (the photo of the scarf at 1:28 cracks me up every time) and it’s psychically impossible to hate any song that contains the lyrics:

“He’s adored by millions worldwide, He changed into Peter Davison when he died, But he’s not dead! Don’t confuse him with a character! You know that Doctor man whose like an intergalactic traveller.”

Drew B. or Drew Merkelbach started as an actor and a B-Movie filmmaker but, feeling unfulfilled in the film world, he entered a recording studio in 2010 where he would write, rap and record the hip-hop songs that can be heard on his debut album Devine Gangster.

The album is available now via iTunes for $16.99 with each track available as well for $1.69.


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