Petition To Save DWC Going Strong!

Four days ago, I wrote an article detailing a petition that has been set up by a fan (calling himself SaveDWC) to save the recently axed show Doctor Who Confidential and I was happy to see as a fan the outpouring of support for the show (the last episode of which aired yesterday). Bear in mind that I was happy at the time to see 3000 signatures then you’ll appreciate just how loved the show is, now that the petition has got 25,102 signatures and counting!

As well as the British viewers of Confidential, some people from other countries have mentioned SaveDWC on Twitter to show their support as well. But it’s not just fans of the show showing their support. People of note with links to Doctor Who have also lent their support to the petition including Russell Tovey (former narrator of the show),  Tom Macrae (writer of The Girl Who Waited) and, according to SaveDWC’s Twitter feed in the quote supplied below, The Grand Moff himself.

Why did nobody tell me @Steven_Moffat is following us. *Drops on the floor* – guys. This man agrees with us! YAY!!!!!!!!!! *Dances*

Even though the show had its problems, I think it’s telling that several people associated with Doctor Who have given their support to the petition; far more support than a show like Two Pints And A Packet Of Self-Loathing or Young, Dumb And Living Off Mum would get.

The problem seems to be that Doctor Who Confidential wasn’t just fun, but it was also educational for fans of the show and those wanting to learn more about the magic of television alike (as a media student and a viewer of Doctor Who Confidential, I can assure you it’s not magic). As Ian Redman, a fan who commented on the petition via Facebook, put it:

Doctor Who Confidential is easily the best show that currently airs on BBC Three. As someone who wants to work in the television industry, it’s also been a great learning resource for me. I really don’t want to see it end!

This is also supported by SaveDWC himself, who has given email interviews to various websites and publications including the Radio Times. At this point, it remains to be seen whether the BBC will reverse their decision to cancel the show and listen to the fans or if they’ll stubbornly stick to their guns. And it goes without saying: if you’ve not yet signed, what are you waiting for?



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