Will Torchwood be Resurrected?

So, was Miracle Day the last hurrah for Torchwood? Or will the alien and conspiracy fighting show be back one day, taking deep gasps of air like the various resurrections of Captain Jack Harkness himself?

Certainly from what we’ve heard recently, all but an official axe has swung across this particular televisual element of the Whoniverse, with Starz not taking an option on a second series. Meanwhile the BBC seems reluctant to talk about the matter. Miracle Day was a co-production between Starz, BBC Worldwide and BBC Wales, so hearing anything from the broadcaster in the UK seems unlikely at the moment.

(Prior to Miracle Day being announced, similar noises were also made. Things can change very quickly in television production, it seems, although this time things seem quite “final”.)

What is particularly interesting, however, is that there has been no official word – and as such, no campaign. This is in stark contrast to Doctor Who Confidential, of course, recently axed by the BBC and the subject of a reinstatement campaign. Of course, DWC lived on BBC Three, the same channel that once begat Torchwood.

Perhaps in their aim to produce original programming unique to BBC Three, the corporation could welcome the show back? Or has too much water (and indeed, too many changes to the format) passed under the bridge for this to happen?

There are, as ever, plenty of questions.

Should a new series of Torchwood be produced? Do you want to know how Rex Matheson copes with being immortal?

Could he prove an interesting rival to Jack and Gwen?

What do you think?


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