Win Ice Warriors!

Doctor Who is now off air until Christmas – so that can only mean one thing… that’s right, another Kasterborous competition!

Thanks to BBC Books, we’ve got a copy of Dan Abnett’s new Doctor Who hardcover novel The Silent Stars Go By, in which the Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves preventing the Ice Warriors from invading a distant Earth colony. It’s a great tale, and features some lovely use of sci-fi conventions and language to create a fully rounded, realistic world. Plus it features Ice Warriors – what more could you ask?

Here’s the synopsis:

For centuries the Maintainers have worked. With no help from other worlds, they subsist on the food they can grow and that’s little enough. But their purpose, their whole life is to maintain the machines that will one day make their world as habitable as old Earth.

Life used to be hard. Now as their crops fail, livestock sickens, and the temperature drops, it’s becoming impossible. This year’s Winter Season Feast won’t be the usual celebration. It’s not a time for optimism or hope – and it’s not a time to welcome unexpected guests. The Doctor, Amy and Rory find a society breaking apart under the strain. Tensions are mounting, old rivalries are coming to the fore, people are dying…

And then the Doctor’s old enemies the Ice Warriors make their move. With the cold-hearted threat of invasion, the real battle for survival begins. Or does it? The Doctor begins to suspect that behind everything lies a deadlier, and even more chilling danger…

I can tell you it’s a great read – so what do you need to do to win?

How about you answer this question:

For which long-running British comic has Dan Abnett been one of the most prolific contributors?

So, to win our copy of The Silent Stars Go By, just send your answer to: [email protected], making sure your message is sent before midnight in the UK on Saturday, October 22nd 2011.

Meanwhile for one lucky runner-up we’ve got a paperback copy of last year’s excellent Michael Moorcock Doctor Who novel The Coming of the Terraphiles!


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