Barrowman for Tennant, Rassilon’s Rod and Sadie Miller

A lot of things have been happening inside and outside the world of Doctor Who recently, here’s a breakdown for you of recent happenings…

First up, Sadie Miller – daughter of the late and great Elisabeth Sladen – recently appeared on BBC breakfast to promote the posthumous release of her mother’s autobiography. It’s a fitting tribute to the late actress and looks set to be a fascinating read but the haunting thing when watching the clip is realising how much of Sladen has actually been passed down to her daughter-the mannerisms, the subtle facial expressions and even the voice. You can watch the video on YouTube but be warned, it may bring a tear to the eye…

Meanwhile, for all of you who like to do a bit of digging in the past may be interested to know that former Tenth Doctor David Tennant was once part of a socialist/left wing theatre group that called themselves 7:84, a clever joke based on the fact that seven per cent of Britons owned 84% of the state’s wealth. The group performed many plays between 1971 and 2006 and even had an English and a Scottish division. Unfortunately due to funding issues, both of them have now ceased trading but there’s bound to be a few stories that Tennant could tell from the good old days!

In a bit of an out-of-character move, John Barrowman has stated that he would like to do a Doctor Who movie but he would ideally like to do it with David Tennant rather than Matt Smith! Speaking with RTE, the actor clearly stated that he would rather appear alongside “his” Doctor rather than the new boy. This seems a bit odd, considering that Captain Jack could easily fit alongside any of the new Doctors. What’s that all about eh? Maybe it’s a clever ruse to put us all off the scent for plans for the fiftieth anniversary.

If you’re looking to get our hands on a bit of memorabilia from a certain David Tennant/Catherine Tate production (not Doctor Who but Much Ado About Nothing, the play they did earlier this year) then head to , where Stage One – the charity that helps young theatre producers develop their talents – is having an auction where you can win many juicy items including  a walk on part in the West End production of Jerusalem and the poster and playtext from Much Ado about Nothing signed by both Tennant and Tate. The auction opened today and will run until February 2012.

Finally, the latest copy of Rassilon’s Rod – a wonderful fanzine produced with love and care – is available to buy now for (per issue) £1.50 to UK buyers and £3.00 to the rest of the world. Featuring fascinating articles that look at the alleged racism in The Talons of Weng Chiang, celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Virgin New Adventures, an article about the 1996 TV Movie as viewed by an adoring eight year old, queries about The Pirate Planet answered by members of the cast, fan opinion and so much more that it has to be read to be believed. Email [email protected] for more details.



What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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